Week 7 WDS Practical Brief You now have a good knowledge of analytics tools and resources.  To add to these tools, we would like you to install Hotjar on your project website. Go to Hotjar.com and sign up for free. We want you to add Recording and Heatmaps to your site, depending on which platform… Continue reading WDS R&P7


Week 4 WDS Practical Brief You should have a good collection of images now so we would like you to create a portfolio page on your site using the different gallery types to show off the images you have created. Add in some text to explain what you have down and why the images are… Continue reading WDS R&P4


Week 7 WDS Practical Brief Task 1I would like you to log in or create an account with ChatGPT and ask it to create a HTML webpage to sell cactus. In your prompts ask it to format the html with appropriate Htags. Copy and paste the code into a new webpage. Trainer – demo the… Continue reading WDS R&P7


Week 3 WDS Practical Brief Thinking about the communication tools we have just discussed and the content elements like the signposting and forms, we want you to add to any one of the builds you have done this week. Incorporate contact methods that are appropriate to you, it might be web forms or chat widgets.… Continue reading WDS R&P3


Week 1 WDS Practical Brief For the rest of the session, we are going to do some planning and design. I want you to take the four moments “the I want-to-know moments, I want-to-go moments, I want-to-do moments, and I want-to-buy moments” and think about how you could target the viewers in each moment. You… Continue reading WDS R&P2


Activity one For your first activity, I would like you to self-analyse.  When you look at that list of leadership skills how many of those skills do you have? If you had to tick them off how many would you score? I’m not going to ask you to tell everyone but for our first little… Continue reading WDS R&P1


Week 4 WDS Practical Brief You have completed all your sessions and practice builds now so we want you to decide on which platform you want to use to develop your portfolio website for your Skills Bootcamp Project. We want you to make a start and put together your portfolio site based on the site… Continue reading WDS R&P4