A Win-Win for Employers

Empower your Workforce with a Skills Bootcamp

Our Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing and Front-End Website Development are an opportunity for you to grow your business and avoid skills gaps.


As an employer, you can actively shape bespoke training programs which align with your organisation’s needs, ensuring that your workforce is equipped with the skills to drive your business forward.



By encouraging your current employees to enrol on a Skills Bootcamp, you not only bridge skill deficiencies but also demonstrate your commitment to investing in and retaining your talented workforce. Imagine the positive impact on your business when your staff members return equipped with enhanced skills and knowledge.



Furthermore, you have the chance to unlock a pool of fresh talent by recruiting individuals who have successfully completed a Skills Bootcamp. This allows you to tap into a pipeline of motivated individuals who have honed their abilities through intensive training and are eager to contribute to your organisation’s success.



  • Does your business face skill shortages?
  • Would you like to nurture roles that support business growth?
  • Are you keen to infuse new talent into your workforce to address vacancies?


Our Skills Bootcamps present a promising solution to these challenges, empowering you to build a highly skilled and adaptable workforce while ensuring future prosperity.



How we help upskill existing employees:

  • Offer existing employees a new or enhanced role that utilises their new skills, and they’ll feel valued and supported.
  • We arrange the training and invoice you when your employee completes their training
  • The government will fund 90% of the training for businesses with less than 250 employees (cost to employer is £260 to £450 depending on course and funding contract).
  • The government will fund 70% of the training for employers with more than 250 employees (cost to employer is £780 to £1350 depending on course and funding contract).
  • We just need a letter or email confirming the employee has new responsibilities using their new skills.
  • We also help organisations to secure funding for bespoke training packages.


How we help to recruit new talent:

  • Access to a pool of fully trained Skills Bootcamp graduates.
  • Help arranging job interviews with candidates.
  • Boost your organisations’ customer service, online advertising, social media presence, and website.