Week 7 WDS Practical Brief

You now have a good knowledge of analytics tools and resources.  To add to these tools, we would like you to install Hotjar on your project website. Go to Hotjar.com and sign up for free. We want you to add Recording and Heatmaps to your site, depending on which platform you are using there might be a slightly different method to install the tracking code so walk through the steps and of course, I’m here to show you if you need any help.

Whatever time you have left today we would like you to update your portfolio site with an explainer blog about the various Google Tools, Search Console and Analytics. Tell us what kind of information you can collect and why. Include screenshots with your text to explain your ideas. Present the article as if you were using it to show a client why you want to install and use the various tools. You might want to include the top 5 reasons or do it as the top 10 tools, the format is up to you.

What we want to see:

• An understanding of the tools available

• Good blog writing skills thinking about SEO and accessibility

• An original version and a Grammarly/Hemingway checked version Add your blog and images to your website and email your drafts and proofed versions to dms4alltrainers@gmail.com

Useful Links

Useful links for reference and additional learning

Today’s Notes

This pdf contains a copy of today’s notes for reference