Week 7 WDS Practical Brief

Task 1
I would like you to log in or create an account with ChatGPT and ask it to create a HTML webpage to sell cactus. In your prompts ask it to format the html with appropriate Htags. Copy and paste the code into a new webpage.

Trainer – demo the activity above and add it to the demo site.

You might want to do a couple of versions and ask it to create a more complex layout, each time create a new page and paste the code in so we can see what it’s created.

Let’s take 30 minutes to create an account and explore.

Task 2
I would like you to chat with ChatGPT and ask it to give you a list of copywriting frameworks that it can work in.

Ask Chat to create a 200-word blog about your business. Ask it to try two or three different frameworks and see which is the best for SEO and readability. Make notes on which you prefer and why.

Try asking Google Bard the same prompts and see how similar/different the responses are and tell us about them.

Think about your code sessions, is there a string of code you could ask it to create and then test it in one of your web builds?
Copy and paste the responses into your site with notes about the prompts. You can take screenshots and include them to help explain the task.

Let’s take an hour to explore both platforms.

Email your site pages to us at dms4alltrainers@gmail.com

Useful Links

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Today’s Notes

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