Week 3 WDS Practical Brief

Thinking about the communication tools we have just discussed and the content elements like the signposting and forms, we want you to add to any one of the builds you have done this week. Incorporate contact methods that are appropriate to you, it might be web forms or chat widgets. Think about utilising signposting and FAQ sections to cut down on admin and give your viewers the information they need without having to ask.

What we want to see:

• Pick at least 2 communication methods

• Tests of your forms or emails

• Additional content sections with relevant links to emails, forms or content that could form an FAQ or further information signpost.

You can use any of the builds you have created this week, whichever you are most comfortable with or you may choose to do different elements on each one. Email us screenshots or links to the relevant pages to dms4alltrainers@gmail.com

Today’s Notes

This pdf contains a copy of today’s notes for reference