Week 4 WDS Practical Brief

You have completed all your sessions and practice builds now so we want you to decide on which platform you want to use to develop your portfolio website for your Skills Bootcamp Project. We want you to make a start and put together your portfolio site based on the site plan you created in your first week. Start adding your work from your previous sessions and linking to the test sites you have built with descriptions of what you did and why. This site should showcase your work and skills during the sessions.

What we want to see:

• Pick at least 2 communication methods to include

• Consider GDPR and Privacy Policies and how data is going to be collected

• The key site elements, strong navigation, home page and portfolio and blog elements that you will add to over the next few weeks.

You can use any of the platforms that you choose, it is totally up to you which one you want to build your site in. Email us screenshots or links to the relevant pages to dms4alltrainers@gmail.com

Useful Links

This pdf contains some useful links to websites, apps and resources

Today’s Notes

This pdf contains a copy of today’s notes for reference