WD WooCommerce Plugins Workbook

Task one Let’s create a delivery and returns policy for our furniture store. There are some links in your Useful Link Download or you might want to Google similar websites and companies and take a look at what they have. Think about what we have just talked about, how the product is going to be… Continue reading WD WooCommerce Plugins Workbook

WD WooCommerce Practical Workbook

Today’s project Scenario “Furniture Favourites want to add some online products to their site. We need to add some best sellers and offers at first and they need creating and adding into that fab home page you built.” I would like you to add the products in the supplied folder. There are descriptions, prices, images,… Continue reading WD WooCommerce Practical Workbook

WD GDPR Workbook

Today’s project Mailerlite xxx Time for this activity: 00mins Click here for today’s notes Click here for today’s Useful Links

WD Block Editor Workbook

Today’s project Scenario “Our new client Furniture Favourites wants to start a new website, initially it is going to be promoting their ranges to draw people into their shop. We will be adding e-commerce to it at a later stage. We need to create an impactful home page to get the ball rolling that will… Continue reading WD Block Editor Workbook

WD JavaScript Workbook

Task 1 – Basic Functions Let’s have a look at some basic functions. Using the mini quizzes on W3 https://www.w3docs.com/exercise/javascript/9 https://www.w3docs.com/exercise/javascript/27 Let’s go through some of the variables together. Time for this activity: 15 mins


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