WD WooCommerce Practical Workbook

Today’s project


“Furniture Favourites want to add some online products to their site. We need to add some best sellers and offers at first and they need creating and adding into that fab home page you built.”

I would like you to add the products in the supplied folder. There are descriptions, prices, images, stock quantities and any additional information like FAQ’s colour swatches and size options.

What we want to see:

An understanding of product creation including variations and attributes

A clear idea of how the products would fit into categories

An understanding of additional plugins to add options and functionality

Knowledge of how WooCommerce integrates into the site with connected pages and additional content on the home page template you have already built.

There is a folder of images and product information below for you to download and use, just click on the download button.

Time for this activity: you have the full session for this task