ChatGPT Workbook

For your first activity, I would like you to use ChatGPT to create a target market and buyer persona using the prompts below. If you need to create an account you have plenty of time to do so. Make sure you keep a copy of the prompts you ask as we are going to use them again later on.

Copy and paste the responses into an email or take screenshots. When you have got your responses I want you to compare the responses from ChatGPT to the buyer persona you created yourself yesterday. Try to ask ChatGPT questions/use additional prompts to get a more specific and tailored response. Note any differences between the two and tell us which you think is more accurate/useful.

Time for this activity: 30mins

Prompt: Help me create a target market for my business, ask follow-up questions if you need more information

Prompt: Using this target market, help me create a buyer persona for my business

Send your screenshots/transcripts and comparisons to