Week 5 GDG Assignment

We would like you to complete the following free mini-course from Googles Digital Garage on Understand customer needs and online behaviours. The course has one module and should take around an hour and a half when you have completed the lessons, screenshot or download your badge or certificate as part of your evidence.

Week 5 DMS Assignment

Using the blog you wrote for last week’s assignment, we would now like you to use the skills you have learnt in this week’s sessions to develop that blog for SEO and make it search-friendly. You might decide to reword it slightly or add to it. Identify the keyword(s) you would be optimising for and how you would use it appropriately in the text. Don’t over-optimise.

What we want to see:
A blog over 300 words – an edited version of your first blog

There is no set worksheet for this task, just upload your various versions in Word or Notepad or use screenshots with the annotations for us to review using the file uploader below.