How to stop our emails going to spam/junk

The best way to ensure you get to see important emails from DMS4all ( & is to whitelist them. This should ensure that our emails go to your inbox and not your spam/junk folder. We have covered how you can whitelist our email address on popular email applications such as Gmail, Apple mail, Yahoo, and Outlook. Some email providers can whitelist all emails from from us by whitelisting “*”

A whitelist is an approved senders list linked to your email, that tells your email service’s spam filter that you want to see those emails.

Anything from email addresses on your whitelist should pass through the spam filters without being blocked.

Sometimes, important emails end up in the spam/junk folder without our knowledge. Usually when you have not added an email address to your contact list, or your email service can’t find it on an authorised list. Whitelisting emails is a way to avoid missing important emails.

Gmail doesn’t have a straightforward way to whitelist an email address, but you can add a filter which will let specific email addresses through though. Here are the steps to whitelist an email in Gmail:

  1. Select the cog icon at the top right of the Gmail screen
  2. Select ‘See all settings’ within the popup window that appears on the right
  3. Select the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab
  4. Select Create new filter and add (and in the From section
  5. Select Create filter and set it to Never send to Spam

Both iOS Mail and OS X Apple Mail handle email whitelisting in the same way:

  1. Open your mail app

  2. Select the sender address ( & you want to add to your whitelist

  3. Select ‘Add to VIPs’ or ‘Add to Contacts’ depending on your device

Check your spam folder and mark any emails from and as ‘Not Spam’. This will send those emails to your inbox from now on.
You can also add a filter to ensure emails from that sender don’t end up in spam.
  1. Open Yahoo Mail and select Settings
  2. Select Filters and Add
  3. Name the filter and add *
  4. Select to send all mail to Inbox
  5. Select Save and Save

Outlook, that comes with Microsoft Office, has a couple of ways to whitelist email addresses:

  1. Select (and in your inbox
  2. Right click the mail and select Junk
  3. Select ‘Never block sender

You can also:

  1. Select the top of an email in the preview pane. You’re looking for ‘Click here to download pictures.’
  2. Select that and you should see the option to ‘Add Sender to Safe Senders List’.

The browser version of Outlook works in much the same way as the desktop version. Find an email from us that isn’t already whitelisted, then:

  1. Select the email from us in your inbox
  2. Select the three horizontal dots at the right of the preview window to bring up the menu
  3. Select Add to Safe senders within the menu

If you use an email provider we haven’t covered, you’ll probably find that whitelisting works in very similar ways.

Select our email from your inbox and look for the menu option and add to safe senders or whatever your email service has named it.

Or check your spam or junk folder, select our email and select the option for ‘not junk’ or however the email service labels the option. This should ensure that emails from us will always end up in your inbox rather than spam.