Session 32 Graduation


You are almost done, it’s almost over. Before we send you off into the big wide world of marketing, we have a couple of activities left to do. We have a final questionnaire to complete to see how your skills have developed, a couple of final forms and your next steps when you have finished the course.

There are three activities in today’s session.

End of boot camp

Score yourself on your new-found skills

Land your next job

With the right tools and skills, anyone can achieve their dream job. Learn how to create a great CV and cover letter, develop your online presence, nail the interview, and stay on track to landing your next job.

Build confidence with self-promotion

Learning to speak openly about your achievements will help others understand your strengths and skills. In these course videos, we’ll discuss self-promotion and why it can be so difficult and also share practical tips on boosting your confidence and self-worth to enable you to progress further in your career.

Job Seekers

If you are looking for an interview after the boot camp please complete this form and tell us about your job requirements

Self Employed Self-Dec

If you are self-employed or looking to start a business with your new skills, please can you fill out the Self-declaration.

If you want to view some examples download this doc.

Next Steps

This pdf contains your next steps booklet