Digital Marketing Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

Digital marketing is marketing that takes place via digital channels and is a must in today’s world of internet-connected devices. It’s used to raise brand awareness, connect companies and customers, promote products or services, and improve sales.


There are many ways to perform digital marketing: emails, social media, search engine marketing, videos, websites, blogs, apps, and digital ads. It takes the principles of offline marketing, such as print and direct mail, into the digital world, but it’s more budget friendly, and enables more precise measuring of rate of interest and return.


It can also include building online communities, that enable organisations to connect directly with potential customers, receive and share feedback, and provide an avenue for customer support.


Digital marketing is an exciting and diverse field that appeals to individuals from various backgrounds. You can specialise your skills, niche, or industry as there’s no single career path, allowing you to build your career the way you want. However, diving into this realm can be daunting; What if it doesn’t meet your expectations or you lack the skills or confidence? We’ll offer some insights to help you decide if Digital Marketing is right for you.

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