WD Graduation Workbook

Final Assignment

For your final activity, I would like you to create a website proposal. I would like you to create a full proposal for the brief below. Think about the skills you have learned in the last eight weeks. What platform would you use, what resources would you add, and what functionality would you include?

You are hired as a web designer for a new health and well-being business. Before you start, they would like you to provide them with a proposal.
Your proposal needs to include:

What we want to see:

We want you to demonstrate a good understanding of the tools and techniques you have learned about during the Skills Bootcamp. How they can be applied to successfully promote a new business. You can support your ideas with screenshots or links to similar businesses,

There is no worksheet, just email your notes and evidence to us as you have done before. You have an hour to do this final activity, we want lots of detail and description of ideas and concepts, not just a list of bullet points. I will check in with you at around 50 minutes to see how you are all getting on.

Email your document to dms4alltrainers@gmail.com