WD Squarespace Quiz

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1 – Squarespace gives you a 2 week free trial when you create a site(Required)
2 – What company sold their domains business to Squarespace?(Required)
3 – What is the name of the Engine launched as part of Squarespace 7.1?(Required)
4 – What year was Squarespace founded?(Required)
5 – A page is made up of sections, but what do those sections contain?(Required)
6 – What’s the best way to change the font across my whole website?(Required)
7 –You can connect your Meta Business products to Squarespace(Required)
8 – You can connect Google Search Console to Squarespace(Required)
9- How many plans does Squarespace offer?(Required)
10- Squarespace offers a free logo maker(Required)
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