WD Google Tools Workbook


So, “Stir Well” loves all our ideas so far! They want to do some customer surveys to find out what people think of the mixer, how they use it, what they make and what new functions they would like in new models. Can you create a survey that we can embed in the site to ask some of these questions? We need to be able to export a CSV of all the answers to send to them so Google Forms would be great.

Task 1 – Google Form

Create a Google Form that you can embed in your project website to ask the questions from the brief above and any others you think might be relevant. Make sure you consider GDPR and what information you need to collect and note how it’s going to be used. We want to see an interesting-looking form with a header or graphic. You can edit one of the theme templates or you can create one from scratch. When you have created your survey, add it to your portfolio website and email us either a link to the page or a screenshot of it in place.

Email your Form and Screenshots to dms4alltrainers@gmail.com