WD Design Workbook

Scenario 1

Those domain names you gave me were great, they have given us the green light for the initial version of the “Stir Well” site. They aren’t going to do any e-commerce yet, just information and recipes and stuff.

We need to go back to them with a rough plan of what we are going to do. Can you do me a quick website plan?

Task 1

Create a website plan. Tell us who your audience is and what your end goal is going to be. Decide where your pages and posts would go, you can specify keywords if you like, but don’t worry too much about SEO at this stage. Show us where pages might link together and how your navigation would work. You can draw it out by hand, use Canva or Jamboard, or any other layout software it is totally up to you, just screenshot your plans when you are finished and email them with your notes to dms4alltrainers@gmail.com