Week 2 GDG Assignment

We would like you to complete the following free mini-course from Googles Digital Garage on Improve Your Online Business Security. The course has one module and should take around half an hour when you have completed the lessons, screenshot or download your badge or certificate as part of your evidence.

Week 2 DMS assignment

You are hired as a social media manager for a local restaurant. Before you start, they ask you to provide them with examples of what you intend to do. Create a proposal for this restaurant including
• Which platforms you would use and why
• What you would talk about
• Explain how often you would post
• What other tools you might use, events listings, groups, competitions etc?

What we want to see:

We want you to demonstrate a good understanding of the social media platforms available and which ones suit which type of business. We would like you to support your ideas by researching similar venues and providing screenshots to evidence them.

Include good examples – what similar businesses are doing well and development examples – what they could add to their profiles to get more exposure.

There is no set worksheet for this task, just upload your notes in Word or Notepad for us to review using the file uploader below.