SEO Quiz

So we can send you a copy of your completed workbook
1 – What does SERP stand for?(Required)
2 – Your position in the organic rankings depends on how much you have paid(Required)
3 – Longtail keywords are really long search phrases(Required)
4 – Htags are for formatting your copy and font size(Required)
5 – Search queries are the words people use to find what they want on Google(Required)
6 – A backlink is a link from an external source back to your website(Required)
7 – Informational intent is when someone is looking for information(Required)
8 – You can have up to 10 H1 tags on a webpage(Required)
9- Alt tags show alternative text descriptions for images for people using screen readers(Required)
10- Manual backlinks are acquired through deliberate link-building activities(Required)